Identity Panel Service Level Agreement (SLA)

As a commitment to our subscribers and licensees, SoftwareIDM has a Service Level Agreement of 99.9% that is financially backed.

Uptime Details

Uptime is the aggregate time that your instance of the Identity Panel Services is available to you from Azure. This includes the Identity Panel web application and web services.

Service Level Design

Identity Panel is a new enterprise-class solution that benefits from the hosting infrastructure provide through Microsoft Azure. Additional, our servers and service benefit from the following:

We constantly replicate data across multiple databases and copy that data between geographically separate data centers.

All of our systems are load balanced for performance and failover. Our Full Scans allows for missing identity information to be recovered or brought current.

Distributed Services
Identity Panel Services benefit from the distributed natures of Azure and multi-server architecture, allowing us to simply the service and maximize update the Identity Panel Services solution.

Identity Panel is a monitoring solution, and benefits from its own monitoring, plus the monitoring of Microsoft‘s Application Insight, and powerful and secure third party monitoring products and services.

Simplification and Standardization
SoftwareIDM follows a standard build process, with each class or generation of build receiving a clear designation. We then replicate this build to each data center and instance to create a repeatable and reliable service.

Human Powered
As the industry evolves, and as Microsoft and Microsoft Azure services expand, we are on the forefront of adopting these practice and designs to provide the highest level of performance and reliability. With human monitoring from the EU and USA, we are able to provide support to you 24x7 from our team or leaders and operators. We also work closely with our customer and partners through communication and collaboration.

Your Rights

If we do not achieve and maintain a 99.9% Service Level, you are eligible to request a credit towards a portion of your total monthly service fee. Service Level agreements are applicable for 90 days, and any revisions can be found at our website, and become applicable 90-days after posted, or when a new subscription is purchased, whichever is first.

Your Monthly Uptime Percentage, which is used to determine the actual uptime and is comparable to the 99.9% uptime SLA, is computed by subtracting the monthly downtime minutes from the month‘s total minutes, and dividing the sum by the total monthly minutes.

Service Credit

Your service credit is computed using the following:

Monthly Uptime Credit

  • < 99.5% uptime, 25% credit to customer
  • < 99% uptime, 50% credit to customer
  • < 95% uptime, 100% credit to the customer

Your downtime is any period of time, measured in minutes, when a user of the Identity Panel Services is unable to read or write any data from the Identity Panel Services. This excludes any failure caused by misconfigured permissions by the Customer or any party other than SoftwareIDM, and any access failure to the Azure data center via the Internet or VPN.

You must be an active paying customer with a paid subscription to receive credits. Monthly credits cannot exceed amount paid in the applicable month.

To file a claim, email with the details of your outage. For your claims to be considered, you must provide all of the detailed needed to valid the claim includes a description of the incident, times, location, affected users and Identity Panel Service Agents, and a description of your attempts to resolved the incident with SoftwareIDM. All claims are evaluated within 45-days of the claim. All claims must be filed within 60-days of the incident.

Trials and Previews are excluded from this SLA.